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Title: season 10 shadorama Crow
Post by: treadwell on March 03, 2017, 12:01:57 AM
Someone posted pics from their studio tour during season 10, and check out the theater Crow.

This is six years after 416, so I don't know if the theater Crow during that era really was as neatly put together as Timmy was, but this later one certainly isn't just a "black Crow". It's overall very crappy (and why not, neatness doesn't count for this purpose). You can see how they replaced the hockey mask netting with thicker struts so that it would key better, there are different grabber hands (bulkier again for the same reason), incomplete paint coverage in the eye area, and gaffer tape all over the arms. Neat to see.

Also note the normal Crow on display for the tour. See the round tubing in the wrist pieces acting to reinforce the joint? Makes sense---those plastruct struts are very weak when drilled through. I eventually just used struts made out of wood for this reason. Also note the gold overspray on his neck and right shoulder. I wonder why there are holes in the front of the shoulders.

I love the accumulation of Floralier screens up on the pegboard.

Also note this was during the time they were low on "e" pins, and used crown pins for a while. Note also the clips holding the arms in folded position instead of the straps used previously.
Title: Re: season 10 shadorama Crow
Post by: Ron on March 04, 2017, 12:34:34 AM
My understanding is that when they switched from using a chroma wall for the theater segments to using a luma wall, they had to beef Crow up a bit so that the net was more clearly visible against the stark white screen.
Title: Re: season 10 shadorama Crow
Post by: treadwell on March 23, 2017, 11:45:41 AM
I've been noticing the same overspray pattern and holes in the shoulders on Crow way back in season 4. I never would've thought that Crow would've remained in the same state that entire time! What with stunt Crows and Planet Hollywood builds and retooling for the movie, it's amazing that a CC Crow body (if not head) was still around untouched.