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I have some in storage that I can send your way.

EDIT:  Did Carousel change the Snack Dispenser molds?  Have you tried Novus Plastic Polish for scratched domes?  I use it to remove marks and scratches on my transparent LEGO parts and it works great.

Awesome article on MST3K's history, straight from Joel and the gang.  Also, new online webseries of MST3K maybe on the way.

Photos Galore! / Wired Article Photos
« on: April 23, 2014, 12:44:57 AM »

Beautiful images of original bots from the show.  Check out the real lamp arms on Crow and the engine detail on Servo.  Also check out the spacer between Crow's eyes.  It's nice to see that detail on a real screen-used bot, but I still think it's ugly and better to hide the eye mechanism completely; doesn't ruin the illusion as much.

Crow T. Robot / Re: Crow's arms
« on: April 23, 2014, 12:39:05 AM »
That's what they used for the first couple of seasons, but they switched with plastic tubes because of 1) less weight so it's easier on the puppeteer's arms to hold up and 2) so that the metal arms won't smack you in the face or jab your eye when you're controlling Crow.

Tom Servo / Re: Money Lover Barrel
« on: April 23, 2014, 12:36:12 AM »
Would it hurt to just use a barrel of monkeys

You could, but only if you're on a budget.  If you're gonna build a replica Tom Servo puppet, you might as well invest in getting a part that's accurate, strong/sturdy and known to fit with everything else.  I've seen Servo's with Barrel of Monkeys for the torso and they just don't look right, IMO.

I would love to help out!  Also, I'm sure everyone would agree it would be extremely awesome if there was a brief part of the documentary about bot building.

Gypsy / Re: Mitchell's Gypsy Build
« on: January 27, 2014, 02:19:59 AM »
It should be shipping out today. I'll email you the tracking number, Bob.

Crow T. Robot / Re: It's raw pork, he'll know what it means ...A Crow build
« on: December 27, 2013, 11:18:16 PM »
Hello, I was recently bitten with the idea that "HEY! I can make Crow!"

I tracked down some parts as pictured below, the set isn't complete but with the next paycheck I'll have the beak and hands.

So.. most of the Body, shoulders, eyesockets, basket! I even got a test vacuform pull off the soap dish!

I am not sure if I will fill in the soap dish as I've seen others do, I always get nervous defacing 30-40 year old stuff!

The intention is to make my own eyesockets/eyes, the control assembly and the arms, and source the rest of it (which I have most of now)

I had a few questions I wanted to ask to make sure about things before I commit and start drilling, but if it's not appropriate to bombard you guys with a ton of questions let me know. Here goes...

  1) Is the hockey mask too small? I don't know if it's just that it LOOKS bigger on the show or if I got the wrong size?

This is a close-up of the size label.

  2) When vacuforming, I've seen most people using polystyrene for crow's eye cowl. Is there a reason for this other than cost? I was tempted to get some black ABS which might look a bit nicer for painting and be stiffer. The polystyrene test pull I showed above tore pretty easily.

  3) Do people ever vacuform the floralier? I am going to build my first crow with the originals, but I was pondering buying a third now to serve as a vacuform plug in case they become super rare (like all of the other components) down the road. But I'm worried about the aesthetic appearance of it versus the originals.

  4) The cast resin parts I got for the shoulders are pretty strong, but I worry about the strength of cast hands. Has anyone here had any problems with this? It's another "probably won't happen" worry, but I'd hate to break mine from something benign like a short drop. Or if there is even any kind of alternative?

  5) I saw a lot about making one's own arms with dowels or plastruct, and that there are different lengths involved, but could not find any definite information on how long the upper versus forearm assemblies should be. I do want it to be as close as possible to the season 2ish+ Crow.

  6) Am I supposed to remove the flower from the soap dish? I was able to get the part out of the polystyrene but it sort of didn't look right with the giant flower pattern on it. It seems like most "bought" vacuform pulls have it without the flower, but I had read somewhere that accurate crows had a certain flower on them... That may have just been the KTMA one, but I don't know for sure.

  7) I've looked around a bit and haven't found any good tutorials on making a decent Season 5+ Cambot outside of a Christmas ornament. Is there any good accurate information I'm not finding on this?

Thanks for any help I can get in getting started on this. I hope to be able to show off a good crow soon!

Great vacuumform pull!

1) I believe both Cooper XL7 sizes were used on the show, so it really doesn't matter but, if you are concerned, get a large XL7 and save the medium for another Crow or resell on ebay.

2) Yes, I believe all the cowl pulls are polystyrene for pricing.  I think Bob's cowl pulls are black ABS, but I'm not sure.  Generally, stronger is always better when making bot parts.

3) Trace told me at Dragon Con 2011 that some of the Crow puppets on the show did have vacuumformed trays.  Personally though, I like the strength of original parts, though they are difficult to keep paint on.  Again, ABS maybe a better way to go.

4) My Crow hands haven't broke yet, and I've taken my bots to a lot of cons.  IMO, the part you have to worry about the most is the bowling pin.  If using an original, be sure to strengthen the back (the top of the pin) so that the hockey mask won't eventually snap the bowling pin off.  I highly recommend using a resin bowling pin.

5) Ron posted some great measurements that I used for my 1/4" square ABS Plastruct arms.  These would definitely work for later-seasons Crow. 
11" / 10" / 10" / 10.75"

I think Crow for most of Season 2 still had full-length metal lamp arms.   Here's the original topic by Ron:

6) Pretty sure KTMA Crow is the only one with the flower on the soapdish.  And also, your soap dish isn't the KTMA flower variant, so you should be okay with taking that flower off.

7) I found a couple of slightly high-res images of Cambot, but there's been no real "official" tutorial of Season 5 cambot.  I really wanna build him too.  The best bet is to probably use salad bowls and place them together.  It also looks like Mike/Bill/Kevin-era Cambot actually has a real camera lens too.

MST3K Related Props / Re: Joel's Basement Bots
« on: November 24, 2013, 10:31:02 PM »
Recognized the LEGO part on "Blueshoe".

Tom Servo / Re: Haircut Dispenser Advice
« on: November 22, 2013, 11:39:56 AM »
Thank you! I managed to remove the cylinder, without breaking anything, and painting is underway. The next challenge will be putting in the eye bolt (I'm thinking JB weld) and rigging the string. The bottom mouth piece doesn't have a flange to drill through for attaching the string (see image). I'm hoping it will hold up if I just tie it to the same spot the spring attaches to.

Just curious, how did you take the cylinder off without breaking it?  I got a few of these guys at home, waiting for a Tom Servo conversion :)

Everything else... / Re: MST3K Instrumental Mike W.I.P
« on: November 14, 2013, 07:57:01 PM »
I could swear that there is a lyricless version of Mike's CC era theme that's used a credits fill music or possibly generic menu music on one of the DVDs.

There's a Mike-era MST3K Making-of video that has segments of the instrumental.  I'm pretty sure it's from MST3K: The Home Game.

Other MST3K Related Bots / Re: My KTMA Bots - A Love Story
« on: October 13, 2013, 08:18:08 PM »
Absolutely phenomenal job, Ron.  The skirt looks perfect and I love how you recreated the appearance of the poorly applied gaffer tape cummerbund.  How did you attach the arms for Servo?

Part of me still wants to believe that the skirt's a flower pot or a vase...

Again, great job, Ron!  I'm really impressed :)

Crow T. Robot / Re: Sizes for the Cooper XL7-FG
« on: October 11, 2013, 01:13:20 PM »
I know I have a Large XL7 for my Crow and I compared it to one of my Medium sized XL7 and they're pretty much identical.  The only real difference is the medal net part; the panel that has the sticker with the sizing information is switched from one side to another.

I highly recommend both Bob and Randy's resin parts and the Tom Servo kits that Bob sells on eBay.  Bob's e pin is nice and thick and you can get them precut so you don't have to worry about screwing up.

Bob's vacuumformed Boo Bowl is also very well made and thick.  It has held up many con tours and accidental drops.

And yes, I totally agree with Ron: reproduction parts are better adapted for bot building and made of more stable plastic than the originals.  As a replica prop builder of props for other movies, I can attest that replica parts are incredibly important.

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