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Other MST3K Related Bots / Nanites?
« on: May 31, 2011, 05:48:37 PM »
Not sure if they count as bots or just other MST3K related props but... has anybody else ever made a nanite? I used to have one, he's floating around somewhere... probably hanging out with Gypsy and my theater bots up in my parents' attic.

Nanite by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

I tried to used most of the real parts:
-The body is a vhs tape with the guts taken out.
-The head is the case to a cassette tape, the eyes are film canister lids.
-The legs are gutter clips (found in most hardware stores located in, you guessed it, the gutter section).
-The squares that the film canister eyes are glued to are lids from those little cardboard boxes they put jewelry boxes in.
-The mouth is a metal adjustable... uh... "thingy" is the only word I can think of... anyway it came from a duffle bag strap.

He's painted purple, the same basic Krylon purple that I did my Gypsy base coat with. The little silver markings were drawn on with a Testors silver paint pen.

Basically I just threw him together because I was bored and had all the parts (minus the gutter clips) just laying around. It was a fun little project, and very simple. He's for display, and his mouth doesn't move like on the show.


Other MST3K Related Bots / Cambot
« on: April 21, 2011, 06:41:42 PM »
Here's my season 2-5.5 Cambot:

Cambot1 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

I built him out of odds and ends that were lying around while looking at a fuzzy computer print out.


Gypsy / Gypsy!
« on: April 21, 2011, 06:38:38 PM »
My Gypsy:

Gypsy1 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

She's still jammed somewhere in the corner of my parent's attic from when I moved out for college, I need to borrow a truck to get her home. She is in dire need of a fresh paint job. When I get her spruced up, and set-up in her new home I'll post more pictures.


Anybody else here ever attempt a fan episode? I tried to put one together for the longest time, even got some test footage and an intro finished, but alas we could never get everyone's schedules to mesh.

Here are some clips from what we did:

cambot by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

Gypsy by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

TomServo by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

Croow by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

And some shadowrama tests:

New_Theater1 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

New_Theater2 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

New_Theater3 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

New_Theater4 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

New_Theater6 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

And a couple of pics of our SOL set:

SatSet1 by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

SatSetMovieSign by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

If anybody else has anything from a fan MST, I'd personally love to see it.

Thanks for lookin'!


Tom Servo / My Servo
« on: April 19, 2011, 11:53:04 PM »

Tom Front by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

Tom I'M HUGE by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

Here are a couple of pics of my Tom Servo. Thanks for viewing!


Crow T. Robot / My Three Crows
« on: April 19, 2011, 11:40:59 PM »

MyThreeCrows by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

Here's a montage of my three Crows.

The first I built all the way back in the summer or 1998. I did a lot of "winging it" in those days, and soon I found myself unhappy with it because it just wasn't as accurate as I wanted it to be.

In 2002 I had collected enough parts to build a second Crow, but it too had flaws that bothered me too much. Eventually I decided I wanted to make a screen accurate version... but which version?

For my third Crow I decided to go with the movie through season 10 version, just because my personal opinion is that Crow looks much more "clean" or "crisp" during those years. It's hard to explain, I guess it's just a personal aesthetics thing. There are a couple things left to be done on him... first I have to feed the mouth string down his throat to connect to the pvc trigger mechanism I have rigged up. Second, I have to paint the little shoulder connectors lime gold instead of black, and add the tiny shoulder detail. Once that's done I'll be satisfied... finally... I hope.

Here's another shot of my latest Crow:

Crow3SideRight by crow_4_ever, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!


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