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First of all, first post! Whoo-hoo! Love the community feel, and its been immeasurable in helping me find the right people and knowledge thats getting me a few weeks from starting my (full) Crow when I can get the time.

So for my first post I'd figured I'd ask something really obscure but really cool, and ask if anyones ever made the Split-Down-Da-Middle Crow after he lost a fight with a buzzsaw in the Skydivers, and the two resulting Crows tried to, umm, "pull themselves together"  ;)

I can imagine it'll be more work on one hand, since it involves cutting ALOT of stuff in 1/2, but on the other hand, if you go for accuracy, I dont think his, er, their eyes ever move in that segment past the cut (bazing) so one could always just mount stationary pingpong eyes without movement like KTMA Crow, but still inside a vaccum form soapdish like S1-10 Crow.

And hey, you can save some shelf space if you have wall space you can part with. Maybe even place one 1/2 in one room, with his "brother" on the opposite side of the wall in the other room  ;D

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