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Tom Servo / Tom Servo's Engine Block Found!...Finally
« on: December 24, 2018, 01:33:13 PM »
Here is a little Christmas present for all you bot builders:

The car with Tom Servo’s original engine block has finally been found!

Since 1992 I have searching for all of the original parts for the MST3K bots. Very little was know about the pieces and many were misidentified. For years it was thought that this engine block came from a truck or car called “Big Mike” or something similar. I placed print ads in magazines, searched catalogs and did thousands and thousands of eBay searches looking for this car. Finally after 26 years of looking I am proud to present “The Car”.

It is actually a dune buggy made by Talbot Toys in 1986. It is indeed pink as many had thought and measures 16 1/2” long. It has a removable roll cage and adjustable seat. The engine is screwed down to the back of the car.

The most surprising thing is that it was motorized. Under the engine is an electric motor and gears to power the rear wheels. The electrical leads from the  motor have been cut. I assume they lead to battery pack with a controller that made the car move forward and back.

On the roll cage one sticker says “Dune Buggy” but there appears to be a sticker missing from the very top of the cage that may have had the name of the buggy.

I know many of you are going to sprint to eBay looking another one of these. I’m already keeping a very close eye on eBay searches looking for a more complete version of this buggy. Hopefully one with the controller and stickers intact. If any of you find out any further info on the car I would appreciate it if you would share it here.

After all these years it is very satisfying to finally have acquired and identified all of the parts for Servo and Crow.

Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas one and all!

Robot Bob

Crow T. Robot / Re: Netflix Crow's Arms & Shoulder Joints
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:32:04 PM »
You are correct sir!  :D

Russ swapped out the old movable joints with O rings to give the arms more movement.

For the shoulders on the show Crows I used only 5 rings of the black tubing instead of 7. It might give you more room and make it easier to loop your O rings to the bolt.


Sorry, we no longer need the parts. The bots are all built and they're getting ready to be filmed.

Thanks to Ron and Max for sending parts. I'll contact you later privately to tell you where your parts were used. Hikeeba!


Private message me for my shipping address.

Carousel changed the design of the snack dispensers about 4 years ago, or got a new manufacture that changed the design. The construction is flimsy, the plastic is thinner, the lower mouth piece drags against the housing, every dome is heavily scratched. The only positive change is that the globe now twist off and doesn't have to be sawed off.

I'm going to use the old snack dispensers because of their better construction and cleaner looking globes.

I still have a small quantity for kits and built Crows. They're the slightly more heavily used panels. My cast resin panels are the same as the originals but with small indentations showing where to drill for the shoulder blocks and neck. The original Tupperware panels are a lot stronger and more durable which is why I would prefer to use only those for the show bots.

I'm good on the Gypsy seats. Don't have any reproduction seats made yet. I've had some bigger fish fry  :)

Hello fellow Bot Builders.

As some of you may know, I am currently working with Joel on new versions of Crow and Tom Servo for the new MST3K episodes. A good number of each bot are going to be need for filming the host segments, theater riffing and extra bots that will be used on-screen and then given to Kickstarter donors who pledged at a high level.

At the moment I'm having an issue with obtaining enough Tupperware panels for all the Crows necessary. For the past few months I've been stockpiling as many good, clean panels as I can, but I am still short of what I need. I thought I'd reach out to the bot building community to see if anyone would like to donate any spare panels they might have.

You have my pledge that none of these will be used for the Crows and Crow kits that I sell. Each piece donated will be used on a Crow that will appear on the new MST3K. I will be numbering and keeping track of each Crow and will tell you where and which episode you parts were used if possible. I can't guarantee that I will be close enough to the production to say precisely where they will be used.

Before you send anything, I do have a few conditions that have to be met:

  • I only need the long bottom panel from the Tupperware Floralier vase (see photo). I have lots of surplus vase and grid pieces already.
  • The pieces must be relatively clean and not heavily scratched or gouged. I know all these vase have been used to some degree and its impossibly to get them in perfect condition, but I do need them to be as clean as possible.
  • They also must be straight. I can't used any warped ones.
  • They can't already be painted or drilled.
  • Please don't rush over to ebay or etsy to try to buy Tupperware. I'm constantly monitoring them and you would just end up bidding against me. But feel free to check your local thrift stores and garage sales.
  • Finally, I need them in the next 2-3 weeks (July 12 - July 31 [2016]), but the sooner the better.

I'm not going to post my mailing address here, but if you already have it drop me an email and let me know you are sending something. Otherwise, private message me here and I will give you my mailing address and get your info.

I could also use some of the old style Carousel Snack dispensers if they are unpainted and have clean unscratched globes.

I can't guarantee that I would be able to give any on-screen credit to the parts donors but if I can I will. You will get the satisfaction of knowing your parts were used on air and that you helped in a small way to make it possible.

Also please don't ask for any details about the new bots or the show. I really can't say much, but from what I know so far, there are going to be a lot of happy MSTies out there once it airs.


Bob Bukoski

See the new topic above for info on Cambot.  ;D

Other MST3K Related Bots / Season 5 - 10 Cambot Found!
« on: February 03, 2016, 10:36:25 AM »
Here is another elusive item I've been aggressively hunting for the past 20 years.  This is the bowl that makes up the late seasons Cambot. It is a fruit ripening bowl made back in the last 70s.

There were always rumors that it was a salad spinner, vacuum cleaner or even the bowls used on Servo. But at some point someone ask a person close to the show, like Jef Maynard, what Cambot was made of and they stated a "fruit ripening bowl".

So for the last 10 years or so I've been looking at fruit ripening bowls. A couple years ago I found a fuzzy photo of this bowl and I knew I was on the right track. Finally, last week, one popped up and I bought it.

After getting it and comparing it to Cambot photos from the show and also closer shots from convention footage this is the bowl. And if you look closely at the season 5 pic of Cambot you can just see the handle of the bowl on the top and bottom, which means you need two of these bowls to properly make a Cambot. It is about 10 inches tall without a spacer and 11.75 inches across in the middle.

Below are some photos. If anyone out there has any really good close-up photos of the real Cambot, like from a convention or studio tour, I'd love to see them. I've worked out what the lens and spacer between the bowls is made of but am trying to figure out the red light and other items behind the lens.


I might have some big news on this in a couple days. Waiting for a package to arrive with an item I've been hunting for the last 20 years. Pictures will follow  ;)

Bot Building - General Discussion / Re: Painting techniques....
« on: January 23, 2016, 11:18:03 AM »
Darko is right about the painting techniques. I used to do auto body painting back in my youth. The trick is to always keep the can moving doing nice even back and forth sweeps with the can and stop spraying at the end of each sweep. The trouble with the Testors is it sprays like a firehose sometimes so you have to do slightly faster sweeps.

Also you have to give the paint a chance to "lay down". You may do a couple of sweeps and the paint still looks bumpy and not smooth so you keep spraying until it looks smooth and glossy and then you put too much paint on and it runs. But if you just do a couple of sweeps until the surface is evenly covered then stop and watch you can see the bumpy texture of the paint gradually smooth out and become flat.

I've been using the Testors for many years now and never get runs in my paint jobs. The biggest issue right now is what Ron mentioned. Over the past 4-5 months the cans of Testors Lime Gold that I've been getting have been randomly "spitting" globs of propellant or some other impurity on to the paint surfaces. At first it was maybe one or two cans in a batch but with my last order of paint every single can did it. Very annoying. And just recently some of the Ruby Red paints have been doing it.

Tom Servo / Tom Servo Engine Block Unpainted
« on: January 19, 2016, 09:00:27 PM »
For those of you interested here for the first time ever are some photos of the original Tom Servo engine block unpainted. I finally spent some time carefully stripping off all the old paint and getting it cleaned up.

With the paint off many of the details are much sharper. The cast copy that everyone has been using was made from the painted engine block. When I get a chance I'll be making a new casting of this naked engine block. The only problem is that young man who originally had it cut it up pretty good to fit on the barrel. It's going to take a lot of careful reconstruction to make it whole again.

Also a lot of chips and cracks under the paint and one of the exhaust ports had been broken off and glued back on at some point.

No new info about the toy maker hiding under any of the paint so that part still remains a mystery.  :-\

Crow T. Robot / Re: My first bot build! Crow T. Robot lives!
« on: January 04, 2016, 06:20:30 PM »
"One question....What is the right way to fasten the shoulder joints to the shoulder blocks? Bob's kit just uses a wiring head clamp pushed around the peg, but it falls off so easily. Did the show do this? I'd much rather put a screw with a washer on the end, if that's accurate. "

Hey! Great job on your Crow and Servo. The electrical spade that hold the pin into the shoulder block is show accurate. The original desk lamp had a snap ring that held the pin in place. My guess is that they either lost the snap ring and found a quick substitute or they chose to use that electric spade to make it easier to remove and replace Crow's arms.

When attaching the pin with the spade you need to crimp the top edges around the groove in the pin with a pair of small pliers. Below are a couple of pics I'll try to add to the instruction guide. Once they're crimped they stay on quite well.

Also the paint job looks real good. I haven't heard anything about the Lime Gold Metal Flake being discontinued. I've been buying fairly large quantities of it online without any problems.  ;D

Tom Servo / Re: Toms Servo's Real Hands Found!
« on: December 17, 2015, 12:26:56 AM »
Wow, nice find! Maybe you'll find the engine block as well as whatever KTMA Cambot is made of while you're at it ;)

I have the engine block as well. Purchased it from the young man who found it several years back. Just need to find the whle car now  ;D

Tom Servo / Toms Servo's Real Hands Found!
« on: December 15, 2015, 11:16:44 AM »
After 20+ years of searching I have finally found the real doll in which Tom Servo's hands were made.

As I had suspected for many years it was not a ventriloquist figure like a Charlie McCarthy doll. It is a 30" plastic girl doll. Unfortunately there are no identifying markings on her except on the neck ©1961. The plastic is pretty cheap and flimsy so this is not a high-end type doll. I wanted to further identify this doll before posting about it but I can't find any additional info anywhere.

Finding this doll also represents important personal milestone for me: I now own all the original parts for Servo, Crow and Gypsy. When I started doing this back in the 90s I optimistically thought this day would come a lot sooner. But I guess my diligence has finally paid off.

Below are some photos. Sorry about the watermarks, but in the past I've had a couple people snagging photos of rare parts from my website, putting them on their own sites and vaguely suggesting that the parts were theirs or that they had found them. If you want to use a photo or have any questions just ask me.

Also, before everyone stampedes to ebay looking for this doll, I've got ebay pretty well staked out with searches and no other dolls have turned up in the past few weeks. This this is still not an easy item to find. If one does turn up on ebay I'll be all over it. But if anyone out there happen to find another of these dolls and digs up and further info please come back and share it with the rest of us.

Merry Christmas and Hikeeba!

Bob Bukoski

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