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From the last backer update, but on twitter:


I am very hopeful for a quick turn around on this.  Another broadcaster will pick it up, hopefully not Disney...Now everyone get back to figuring out Growlers head and the Killbots body.

And there is now an official twitch channel:
Parts Sourcing / Need help finding a fanny pincher
« Last post by Syco54645 on November 26, 2019, 03:20:43 PM »
So I am trying to collect original parts and am stuck mostly with the super rare items. One thing I am having trouble finding is the fanny pincher. Does anyone know of a good search term to use on ebay for this? Alternatively does anyone know where to find one?


Parts Sourcing / Re: 3D Printed Crow part replicas
« Last post by OB10 on November 22, 2019, 07:14:40 PM »
The link doesn't work anymore.  Did the file get deleted, or moved to a different URL?
Gypsy / Gypsy mouth spring
« Last post by UZZ-PRIME on November 17, 2019, 10:12:49 AM »
Any idea what kind of spring(s) I need for Gypsy's mouth?
Bot Building - General Discussion / Re: Gypsy Reference
« Last post by squidsicle on October 11, 2019, 06:13:12 PM »
Anyone had time to dig out their Gypsy?
My engineer has been warned that he will be doing a model of the car seat...just need reference images with scale.
Willing to pay $1500.00 + Shipping for an accurate Gypsy and Cambot collection.
I've been looking to purchase a Cambot and Gypsy for far too long. I will buy yours if you're willing to part with them. Send pics of your bots to me at or
Gypsy / Re: Gypsy reproduction car seats?
« Last post by Bucky Cat on May 29, 2019, 02:24:33 AM »
Any news from Bob on a reproduction???
Bot Building - General Discussion / Re: Gypsy Reference
« Last post by minermark on May 07, 2019, 12:22:23 PM »
Good day Bot engineers:
Dropping in during good weather is hard to do, however i had a thought.
Gypsy parts are all but dried up and gone forever.
This winter i would be willing to "Experiment" and incur the cost to Tool-Up a Gypsy Parts Mold(s).
My mold(s) would "Copy-Exact" in Fiberglass Parts.
Ah, The Mold!
You want Exact copy(s) of the parts? i only need the Original parts to copy from.
8 out 10 chance the Original will survive the "Plug Mold" making process with little damage.

The reproduced part(s) would likely be no Thicker the the original piece(s).
The weight of the parts would be a few ounces more per part.

Whoever wishes to Donate/Loan the part(s) to be reproduced will get the surviving parts back and one heck of a deal on laminated parts for life......

By September i like to have winter projects planned, you Engineers have till then to think about who is kicking down Original part(s).

Best i can do for the Forum.
Besides, i love the smell of Catillised Resin in the morning...........     Cheers.
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