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Gypsy / Re: GPC
« Last post by sd3 on May 16, 2020, 11:49:45 AM »
I actually had this idea over a year ago!  Great minds...  ;D 

We were shopping for a birthday present at at Toys R Us and I noticed a toy seat almost exactly like that.  I told myself I should buy it and make my own custom Gypsy as I have pretty much given up hope of ever scoring a real seat.  I keep hoping someone will finally figure out how to make copies, but that feels hopeless as well.

I am not a fan of the reworked Servo and Crow.  I prefer the old junk feel of the originals, but I like the other new bots.  Plus, cheap and easy to find parts makes it fun.
Gypsy / GPC
« Last post by fastbilly1 on May 14, 2020, 09:57:53 AM »

Since it was a shock for many of us on the Social Distancing riff, there is a new version of Gypsy called GPC.  Rumor is that Gypsy was renamed to not offend the Romani people, but I think it was more that they cant get more carseats and wanted something easier to maneuver with on stage.  The good news for bot builders is that it means we can have a Gypsy that is not huge and cost more than a car.

Looks like the head is an Adora Baby doll Car seat:

Light looks like a Vision X inside a piece of PVC pipe with a handle:
But it could be any number of like chinese made lights.

Bottom Jaw looks like a lid

The end looks like a Folgers Coffee Can
The body is obviously a spring can covered in a fabric, likely a snake print - I have feelers out with fabric people.

The mouth mechanism is super clever.

All images taken from the youtube MST3K account
I really enjoyed the show... and the after show as well.

I was very lucky, and got an "honorable mention" riff into the show!
Tom Servo / Re: Servo paint question for mouth
« Last post by Ron on May 11, 2020, 07:09:43 PM »
Double chin?  Too many RAM chips no doubt!
Ive not paid attention to the carnival, not coming to my area does that.  But since the show is currently canceled its not surprising that the cast moved on to other projects and we have a new team.  Anyone who has not traveled daily for work for over two weeks does not understand how awful it gets quickly.  And since Jonah and Tim (the previous travel Servo, Bonehead on the show, and husband to the actress that plays Synthia) likely would not fit on a travel bus's bed without bent knees, I do not belittle them at all for not wanting to do a travel show after doing it a couple times. 

The Gypsy change makes alot of sense, since the original is a huge pain and I believe they were using one of Bobs personals.  The behind the scenes on youtube that I watched afterwards proves that that was the point.  I like the redesign and will probably make one to replace my knock off fullsize one since it will be very easy to store. 

I will hold judgement for the new crew if they stay on as the new cast.  The riffing an existing episode was a neat experiment, but they showed they can hold their own with the new content. 

Now if only we can get the Argoman and Eegah live shows released...
Jonah showed up at the after-show--considerably thinner and with a mustache--to perform a solo acoustic version of "Every Country Has A Monster".
I watched it and I gather the following:

Jonah is out (and has been since before the last live tour?).  Emily is his replacement.

Gypsy is out, by that name and body.  She has a new, smaller puppet and now goes by the name GPC (performed by Yvonne Freese).

Baron Vaughn is out as the voice of Tom Servo, replaced by Conor McGiffin.

Hampton Yount is out as the voice of Crow, replaced by Nate Begle.

Maybe none of this is news for anyone who went to the Circus live show.  But it was all a little unsettling for me.  Almost nothing remains of what we watched on Netflix.

As for the dynamic between the cast, it was difficult to gauge.  There was very little new material in the riff-on-top-of-the-riff.  Maybe 1-2 new riffs per minute on average.  I didn't notice any new riffs that were funnier than the original material they were riffing on.  Half of the new lines were commentary on the old lines, not new jokes.  E.g., there was a Donald Trump joke in the original riffing and Emily noted that the joke held up over time ("and space!"--GPC), etc.
Iíll be there!
Crow T. Robot / Re: He Wants To Decide Who Lives and Who Dies
« Last post by fastbilly1 on May 03, 2020, 08:08:06 AM »
Nicely done with the bag.

Dont feel to bad about having to use Bobkits.  It took me 20 years to find all the parts, and I still bought and built kits.  Even Joel is a fan, and for years carried a Bobkit Servo to cons.
Odds are everyone will miss this, but due to the Covid19 Quarantine the live shows are on hiatus.  So this Sunday AD, the live team will be riffing on a season 1 episode Moon Zero Two today at 1800 CST.  It will be on all their video feeds.

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