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« on: February 18, 2011, 01:27:07 PM »
Although Technically Crow and Servo, these earlier incarnations have noticeably different shoulders, upper arms and Hoverskirts (where applicable). :D


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Re: KTMA Bots
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2011, 02:12:22 PM »

A single set of Floralier forms the body. His arms are PVC and covered with foam pipe insulation, his hands are Crow's regular pincher claws only with the entire toy intact (claw, stick, trigger).  The arms are attached to the body with white string (the same string used to control his mouth).  Neck is just PVC stuck up through an plastic Empire bowling pin (which forms the mouth) and glued to the underside of a Schwartz Brothers soap dish.  Where his neck exits the top of the Floralier, there is a piece of pipe foam cut at an angle and secured with electrical tape.  The mouth pin is cut in a manner that the rear plastic forms a rudimentary hinge causing the pin to bow at times.  The rear of the bowling pin is trimed in a similar fasion to later Crows.  The soap dish is positioned with it's inlayed flower aiming up (the flower is a rose with some surrounding greenery).  Eyes are supposedly Gnip Gnop balls painted white with 4mm squares of black electricians tape for pupils.  The eyes are just "pushed" into the empty cavity where the bar of soap would normally go.  The "net" is the standard Cooper XL7-FG.  Crow is painted with a generic flat / non-chrome gold spray paint.


The traditional money lover barrel forms his torso with the wording turned to the reverse.  His shoulders are plastic Empire bowling pins cut to form pauldrons.  Arms are washer drainage tube or vacuum hose with Jerry Mahoney ventriloquist doll hands (hands seem to have quite a bit of "arm" on them from the original Jerry Mahoney puppet as well).  The "hoverskirt" is a traffic cone cut at the top to roughly mate with the Money Lover Barrel (This is accomplished by using electrical tape to hold the two together).  The head is an original Swedish Termotex snack dispenser (it has no "ridges" like the later Carousel dispensers do).  The dispenser handle is left on (unlike later Servo's) to which at first a thin line is tied to and later replaced with the same white string as Crow.  Servo is painted a flat / non-chrome silver, with some overspray on the bottom half of his head globe.
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