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Eye Mechanism
« on: August 28, 2015, 02:27:25 PM »
I heard that everyone has their own way of making it so here's mine.

The outer rod is 3/4 inch CPVC pipe cut into 3 segments, the inner piece is 1/2 inch CPVC pipe, there's 2 rectangular holes one is cut at the bottom of the on 1/2 inch piece and the the other is cut at the top of the bottom piece. the 3 outer pieces are kept together with CPVC couplings.  In the rectangular hole of the inner control rod you put a piece of 3/8 square wooden dowel. and mount it in place with a small wooden screw, you wrap the eye string, (thats mounted to the pulley wheel at the top where the eyes are glued) around the dowel.     
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