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Season 11 viewing party
« on: April 13, 2017, 11:14:41 AM »
We had movie sign last week:

All bots were scratch built after 20 years of garage sailing - with Bob parts for Servos engine and hands, and crows shoulders. Gypsy is the wrong carseat and her stand broke, so the Gonk that holds spare power and ethernet cables had to fill in.  I have a second servo from a Bob kit that I take to shows.  Crow is now home bound after someone tried to steal him from my wife...or until I can find more of his paint and build a Bob one.  I do not suggest taking a Gypsy to a con without a wheeled cart of some sort.  She is heavy.

We had ten people show up and it was good fun with waffles with either normal or hot chicken.  Reptilicus was followed up with local favorite: Merlin's Shop of Mystic Wonders.
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