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Servo Paint
« on: March 08, 2011, 04:25:48 PM »
Servo's main paint is Testors #1629 Ruby Red Metal Flake (now called Red Metal Flake)

There's an brush ready option for doing touch-ups... but man, it's not that great in practice.

Servo's mouth and engine "smoke stacks" are silver.  Any "non-chrome" metallic silver should work.

Servo's hoverskirt, shoulders, upper arms, and hands are all white.  Prime white, and paint with a flat white or semi-gloss white.

Servo's hoverskirt detail (Turbo trains) are black.  Prime black, and paint with a flat black or a semi-gloss black.

Servo's body and head are Red Metal Flake.  Primer coat for Servo's body is up to the builders personal preference.  I've always suggested Colonial Red spray paint since it helps you use fewer coats of the runny Testers Red Metal Flake.  Many people report success with a black primer coat, but again, it means more coats of Red Metal Flake to achieve a decent level of coverage.  People also report success with a "non-chrome" silver paints.
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