Author Topic: Cast Soap Dish(s) For Sale  (Read 41 times)


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Cast Soap Dish(s) For Sale
« on: March 09, 2019, 05:52:04 PM »
Found 4 in my cabinet fresh out of the mold couple years back.
I build Crows as FULL servo controlled ROBOTS, Eyes/Mouth/Head Movement.
This being said, ALL parts i use must be beefy, NO Vacuformed Eye Dish would work for me, Too Flimsy.
There is NO BACK PLATE with this part, I use Black Felt, covers well and gives me access to servos. 
I know alot of you build Crow as the Puppet he is, and Vacuformed may work just fine for you.
These are Beefed up, No part of this molding is less than an 1/8" thick at the thinnest part.
I use Smooth-On series 300 casting resin, finished part sands like ABS plastic and is Very LIGHT Weight!
In the pic posted you can see i screw the hocky cage directly to the eye cowling with 1"strap + BEEFY!
Also i screw the rear of the bowlingpin to the bottom of the hocky cage, = BEEFY!
I removed All Flashing with Dremel 120 grit for cleaning these up.
All you need to do is 220 Wet/Dry sandpaper then primer/paint ready.
DISCLAIMER: Sometimes a little bubble may be in the casting, i use Bondo when i find them, suggest you do the same.
This is a perfect copy of the Schwarz Bros Soap Dish, only the edges in back were filled in and smoothed out.
Color is black and weighs in @70Grams. (Real Soap Dish Weights more).
If Email is here Below, one or more are STILL available Current Pricing will be $15,  Shipping $7.95   =$22.95   
I will bill you through PayPal using your Email address.  >Also listed on the Bay for a couple bucks more<

 3/13/19 07:14 PDT.......Gone   Thank You Gents -- i'll make more as my need arises, and have extras.
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